Introducing Blacksheep

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The rumors are true…

We’ve started a new business. We’ve been keeping it a little hush-hush until we were ready to share it with everyone. And here it is! Some pretty amazing and inspiring things are on the horizon, folks.

Blacksheep Regenerative Resource Management is the brainchild of a handful of the Verde Crew. Blacksheep is on the cutting edge of conservation, bridging the gap between agriculture, forestry and environmental protection through entrepreneurship.

After the striking success of the Shangri-Lanas project, we got to thinking about how even though we were able to secure our water source and reforest more land slightly up the mountain, it was only a matter of time before another neighbor’s farm would fall into the hands of bioprospectors in the form of African Palm growers. Brain Drain (the exodus of capable people from one place to another because of lack of opportunity or political oppression) is a real problem in the Costa Rican campo. There’s not a lot of opportunity out here – financially or otherwise. This results in many people selling their family farms and taking off for the city. The problem is, the people who buy the land that’s left behind often don’t treat it very nicely.

People living and working in the countryside should be able to afford to stay on their family’s land and make a living, ideally not having to sacrifice their health or the health of their local ecosystem. But in today’s heavily subsidized global economic climate, people end up doing what they have to do to survive.

And that’s where agroforestry, agroecology and permaculture come in. That’s where we come in. After running PDC courses, numerous events and a successful participation program at Verde for upwards of 10 years, we’ve made quite a few friends. And they have quite a few friends. And their friends have quite a few friends. Altogether… we all have quite a few friends.

As individuals, we are small and unable to accomplish very much. But when we work together? We can save mountains.

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