Community Agreements

These are the agreements that we agree to live by while at VerdEnergia. We require our visitors to read and abide by these as well. 

House Rules

  • Quiet hours are from 9pm-7am
  • Shoes are not allowed in guest rooms or indoor spaces
  • Farm pets are not allowed in guest rooms
  • Candles and/or open flames are not allowed in guest rooms
  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only
  • Do not be noticeably intoxicated in common areas
  • Please store all food according to staff instructions
  • Do not feed wildlife, pets, or any other animals
  • Use a flashlight and buddy system after sundown

Cleaning and Chores

Everyone is expected to contribute to maintaining a clean and comfortable communal environment. Please don’t leave personal items in common areas. Take care of everything you use and put items back where you found them. If you make a mess, clean it up. We emphasize personal as well as collective accountability and ask that everyone pitch in.

You are also responsible for keeping your private living space clean and tidy. Be especially mindful of leaving food out; we don’t want to attract insects or rodents. All food must be stored according to staff instruction.

Specific programs, like the internship program, have additional responsibilities that are described in the orientation information for that program.


We have a sorting system for clean plastic, metal, glass, unprinted/unwaxed cardboard, and miscellaneous garbage. We have a food compost system and ask that guests use it appropriately.

As a general rule, we try to reuse our waste as much as possible, but we simply cannot use a huge volume of trash. Try to do your part to bring as little garbage to this ecosystem as possible. Bring food in cardboard boxes if you don’t have a cloth bag for it, use rechargeable batteries, etc. We ask that all guests staying with us for less than a week take all of their personal garbage with them.

Substance Use

We encourage individuals to stay within the legal substance use limits of Costa Rica. We do not allow the use of hard drugs. We do not encourage drinking and expect our workers to keep up with the daily work regimen and respect quiet hours. If substance abuse becomes a problem for someone while at VerdEnergia, they will be asked to leave.

Conflict Resolution

Because we live and work together as a community, conflicts occasionally arise. Individuals should try to resolve any conflicts between themselves. Always remember that radical patience, empathy, compassion and communication are key. If a serious conflict arises, a staff member can mediate. 

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With the principles of Permaculture as our guiding tool, we seek to transmute the challenges facing our communities into replicable solutions. Our work enables us to find right livelihood through the regeneration and gentle cultivation of the forest we are honored to call home.